Gamble at Casino Clubs for Fun | 5 Health benefits of playing chess at Gclub
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5 Health benefits of playing chess at Gclub

5 Health benefits of playing chess at Gclub

It is a common known fact that sports help in improving the health, but it is common misconception that board games at Gclub are not helpful in improving the health. People usually consider only those games beneficial in which you have to run or do physical activities so, when it comes to board games they consider it useless. It is very important to know that not only board games are good for health but they also prevent diseases. Here are 5 health benefits of playing chess that you need to know.

Improves memory

Laying chess helps you memorize important moves, in this way you train your brain to learn new thing, memorize them and finally learn and retrieve the information when needed. When you don’t practice learning for a long time your brain no longer no how to learn so, it starts to age and you cannot learn or memorize anything.

Brain exercise

It is an excellent brain exercise; this helps the brain to keep working with both sides. This means that while playing chess you are using memory, cognition, and problem solving and reasoning at the same time. So, in other words you might not be running but your mind is running, burning calories and doing far better exercise. This is effective especially for old people because at that age their learning is reduced, but when they play chess it helps their brain work and they memorize information better.

Prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia

If you are thinking it just improves the already present mechanism, then you might be in for a surprise. This helps in minimizing the risk of Alzheimer’s and Dementia. These progressive brain diseases only happen when the brain is not in working state and this happens when people become old, they retire and no longer have to do mental work specifically a job. If they keep using the brain and exercise daily there is likely chance that this will reduce the chance of these diseases completely. A study was conducted that conformed the fact that people who played chess at the age of 75 were better at remembering things as compared to the people who were not playing chess at 75.

Raise IQ

People usually think IQ cannot be raised but, studies have explained that if you have low IQ and you are exposed to more information there is a likely chance of improving the IQ. When you play chess, not only you are exposing yourself to new situation but also you are learning things, making decisions and getting better at taking responsibility of the situation.